January Announcements

Hello everyone – hope people are well! Just wanted to give you a quick update.

The Raijonen Admin team is revamping the Game Guide as we speak – for these reasons, if things look weird on the game guide, that’s us and should be fixed by the time we give back. We’ll make an announcement as soon as we confirm the final updates of certain section to the rules. Expect a rundown of the updates to the game guide during our first game back.

Speaking of first game back from break – we are planning on running game on February 5th at Gogas’s House. Don’t forget to sign up on Meetup.

At this point in time, we are not requiring COVID booster shots to participate in game. We are still requiring full vaccination status – that is the 2 shots for Moderna/Pfizer or the single shot for J&J.

Last but not least, I have changed the address on the LARP event to the local elementary school nearby – we are still running game at Gogas’s house and will continue to remind people of the actual address of the place. The elementary school is just a little closer.

We are excited to see you all and get back into LARPing – we hope you’ll come in February for some new updates and some new plot.

— Amanda

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