Changeling the Lost

Changeling the Lost is a quarterly LARP we run at DLC.

Changeling the Lost is a grimdark, urban fantasy game of survival, recovery, and discovery. Your character started off as a normal human being before being kidnapped by powerful Fae beings called the Gentry to a magical realm known as Arcadia.  Your time there was absolutely horrible –  soul crushing abuse was your everyday experience.  This personal hell was known as your durance. Then, one day, you figured out a way to escape and, when you did, you came out different – a Changeling. Able to exist in the world you once came from with powers from the world you survived, Changelings live in-between societies and realities, having to start from square one again. To top it all off, the Gentry aren’t happy that you escaped- they want you back and that’s a fate worse than death. Band together with your fellow Changelings and survive between the Mundane, the Hedge, and away from the grasps of Arcadia.

DLC’s Changeling is lovingly called PTSD the LARP. We were founded on a modified version of White Wolf’s Changeling the Lost and wanted to offer something a little darker than Raijonen. We originally did a one-shot in July 2022, but have moved game to a quarterly basis with an online Discord RP. If you’re looking for a game where you can go dark, explore what healing looks like, and play around with drama, this is the campaign for you.

Tone: Dark, hopeful, but with Tragic Endings

Setting: Urban Fantasy

Medium: LARP/online text RP


When: 5th Saturdays at 6pm, unless otherwise stated (check Meetup)

Where: Gogas’s House or the Broomfield Apartment (check the Discord and Meetup)

Lead Storyteller: Zoey G.

Narration/Storytelling Staff: Amanda L. and Zoey G.,


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