Code of Conduct

The DLC code of conduct can be found at:

Participating in DLC Games is an agreement to following that code of conduct. We try to make it pretty straight forward and all details can be found on the Code of Conduct doc, but here’s the summary.

  1. Players Come First – we are first and foremost a community. We care for all the people who show up to game. If we make a call as a staff, the player comes before the game. We also expect that players who show up to game show respect to fellow players.
    • Respect – Don’t be a jerk.
    • Communicate – If something’s wrong, communicate what’s going on, either with the player or with our staff.
    • Boundaries – LARP can get intense sometimes – checking in with your boundaries is as important as being respectful of other people’s boundaries.
    • Harassment Policy – We are dedicated to creating a harassment-free experience. We HIGHLY encourage you to read this section of the Code of Conduct.
  2. Stories Are Shared – since we are telling a story collaboratively, we want to make sure that we’re sharing the story. We work with the ideals of “yes and”, “going with the flow”, and “playing for story”. While we understand that people want to win, if the need to win is your only reason for going into LARP, we may not be the right fit for you.
  3. Follow the House Rules – there’s some ground rules to make sure we’re having a safe and healthy game. While more details are listed in the doc, the big ones are that everyone who attends must be above 18, to respect the venue, to not bring real weapons, and that no drugs/alcohol are allowed at in-person events except for caffeine.

We encourage everyone to familiarize yourselves with the DLC Code of Conduct and Guidelines! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the staff at