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Welcome to the Denver LARP Community! We are a group of role-players who run LARP games, tabletop games, and board game nights in the Denver Metro Area.

Live Action Role Play

Live Action Role Play, or LARP, is the original reason why this community came together. Part Dungeons and Dragons, part Improv, LARP is like a multi-part play where you play one character in the world while your fellow players and the storyteller staff play everyone else.

For the LARP nerds, we run serial-style LARPs that is a combination between Nordic and Parlor.

Tabletop Gaming

We also host Tabletop Roleplaying Games, including but not limited to a Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campaign among other systems. Whether it’s your first time playing a tabletop RPG or if you’re looking to try something new with the group, your roleplaying options are endless!

Board and Card Games

The overlap never stops! We also host board game and card game socials. Whether you’re looking to socialize with your roleplaying friends outside of game, or just want to hang out with a bunch of friendly nerds, come join us for board game night!


Game 9 Announcements

Hey everyone – we had some important announcements for Game 9. Because April is a five week month, we will have a Board Game Night April 30th.  Please RSVP if you are interested in coming.  Bring your favorite games, bring you vaxxed friends, and let’s have a night. The next Raijonen game, the first game […]

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DLC Announcements

Game 5 Announcements

We were shorter on announcements for game 5 but wanted to give everyone an update anyways. We’re getting rid of needing XP to level up. We don’t want to penalize people for not being able to make game and we do realize that leveling up is a big part of the experience of LARP. For […]

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DLC Announcements

Game 4 Announcements

Game 4 had some significant announcements for both the broader DLC group and Raijonen. Here is a summary and more details. Denver LARP Community Announcements Welcome Back – Vaccination Policy At this point in time we are not mandating boosters to play. We recommend that you all get your booster, but it is not a […]

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DLC Announcements

Game Four!

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DLC Announcements

January Announcements

January Announcements – Game Guide updates, Meetups, COVID boosters, Address Change.

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