Game 4 Announcements

Game 4 had some significant announcements for both the broader DLC group and Raijonen. Here is a summary and more details.

Denver LARP Community Announcements

Welcome Back – Vaccination Policy

At this point in time we are not mandating boosters to play. We recommend that you all get your booster, but it is not a requirement for game. This will be following CDC guidelines so if the CDC changes, we will also be changing. As always, please don’t come to game when sick.

Patreon Charges

Special enough to get its own color heading, we want to announce that we are moving forward with a $5 monthly membership fee using Patreon. We really want to make sure this is a great experience and Zoey and I have been funding the majority of expenses out of our own pockets. These expenses include the meetup, the website, props, paper, and a variety of other things. For this reason, we are hoping to offset some of those costs with membership fees. The rule is simple – if you want to play in LARP games, you’ll have to pay for the $5 for that month. We will be enforcing this at the start of May.

A couple of notes

  1. New players get to experience 3 total games for free before we will start charging. Obviously, we want you to see if you’re a good fit for the group.
  2. Patreon makes it SUPER easy to suspend your monthly fees if you’ve got to miss a whole month – totally get that things in life come up. That being said, if you can only make 1 game, we still need you to pay the $5.
  3. We want to make LARP as accessible as possible so if $5 is or becomes a challenge for you, please let us organizers know.
  4. We may do some additional fundraising for certain games – for instance, maybe we want to have a game be catered or something. We’ll let you know beforehand.

We really appreciate your support and we want to be transparent with you – if you are ever curious about what we use the money for, feel free to reach out to the organizers.

Call for Narrators

We are calling for Narrators to help us run games. Us storytellers are human and this means that sometimes we get sick or sometimes we HAVE to miss a game. That’s where Narrators come in. Narrators are essentially DMs for the LARP game – you will be p utting on your improv hat and running the plot lines! Unlike in the previous LARP group, being a Narrator is going to be a lot less effort – you will be on a rotating basis, we’ll give you the rundown of the plot the night before game, and you just need to focus on showing up to game and running the game. That DOES mean you can continue being “in the dark” about the finale and larger plot structure, so you do not have to completely relinquish your player status.

Narrators spend about 2 hours outside of actual Game Time for prep. We meet at 7pm the Friday before game over Discord. In return, you will get community (even if you are not ‘on schedule’) and our undying gratitude as ST and Organization staff. At this point in time, we are requiring previous DM experience.

Logo Contest

Zoey hates our logo. She came up with in 15 minutes in illustrator and it became our brand. In case you didn’t know, our name is a pun – we’re Denver LARP Community, which is shortened to DLC, which is also the acronym for Downloadable Content because we’re nerds. That’s why it’s a download arrow. But now we need a new logo so we’re hosting a logo contest.

We are simply looking for ideas – not the final product. This means prototypes. You Do Not Have To Be An Artist. If you want to have a manticore eating the DLC logo, you can draw a stick manticore eating the DLC logo or even just type up the description. From there, we will commission an artist to actually draw up a logo for us. The person whose logo we picked will get a free, special tshirt with the logo on the front and the words “I made this logo” on the back – or we can discuss details.

Want to submit? Please email

Changeling One Shot

We are planning on running a Changeling One Shot the last weekend in July 2022. For those who don’t know, Changeling the Lost was the game system that we used to play before we became the DLC. Changeling has been described as PTSD the LARP – it’s a gritty, dark world about a bunch of people who were taken, used, and spat back out by uncaring gods. More details to come, but what we can tell you is that these gods (the Gentry) are Merlin, Prince Charming, Don Quixote, and Sherlock Holmes.

We are planning for it to be an all-day event, with opportunities to come and go as you please.

Raijonen Announcements

Plot Timeline

We want to make sure you all know about plot timelines just so you know how this game is progressing and our overall vision for your characters.

We are planning on running a 2-year (2022 and 2023), 2-part adventure. We are keeping with “seasonal arcs” – each arc is about three months, or six games, with a finale on the sixth game. It actually works perfectly for the 2022 year as every “finale” lands on a 5-Saturday Month and so we have a board game night or one shot to mark off the season.

For those who need dates and want to plan, we have some finales that you probably won’t want to miss. They are – April 16th (Game 9), July 16th (Game 16), October 15th (Game 21), and November 5th (Game 22).

Another note – October and November games will be locked to players who’ve participated in Raijonen before. It’s simply because the plot will be reaching a high point at this time and we don’t want to confuse anyone who’s joining for the first time. If you have friends who you want to come join, please make sure they make it to a game before October and November.

Game Guide Changes

Leveling Up. We’ve changed the level up system and have done away with upgrade points. We just have a leveling table. Details can be found here.

Class Descriptions. Each 2nd tier and 3rd tier class now has a description on what exactly they do. Hopefully this can help with archetypes and general understanding of what each class specializes in. Details can be found here.

Homeworld Allies. We’ve added a Homeworld Allies section here that allows you to have connections to your homeland. It allows us to build in some connections as we hop around the world of Raijonen and we a storytellers can build it into the plot.

First Aid. We’ve added a healing mechanic – anyone can heal! See here for more details. Essentially, you make a WIS/INT pull to heal people, you can heal multiple people, you can only receive healing once a scene, and you can trade any Tier 1 contract for a healing contract if you want to specialize in healing.

Sorry, I Broke The Game Perk. For those who originally play-tested with us at the beginning, we want to thank you so much for your patience as we fixed our game guide. Whether it was figuring out that classes in level form meant that everyone would have the same classes or realizing that we didn’t have any healing what so ever, we really, really appreciate it. For that reason, some players may see the Sorry, I Broke The Game perk on your sheet – it allows you to take a straight 8 (success with drawbacks) on any pull, once per game. Yes it’s the only perk in the game – congrats on breaking our game.

Upcoming Documents

We are excited to be providing some background and lore documents for your player knowledge and character. The Background document is a chance to think and flush out your character – feel free to copy those questions, answer them, and send them to us. While it doesn’t count as interlude experience, it does give us an opportunity to weave your background into the plot line. The Lore document contains general lore for the world of Raijonen. If you have an idea of a section of the world – whether it’s magic, or culture, or something related to your character’s background, we’d love to hear it.

They aren’t out yet, but will be available soon.

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