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Ivan was a Fairest Flowering Spring, an extravagant and flourishing charmer. He’s a great artist and tends to come off as very charming. He’s good at sales, crafting, herbology, botany, and biology. He likes writing or drawing when he has spare time, something he often has too much of these days. Ivan is deathly afraid of bees. Ivan’s […]

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LEET GR 1, also known as Leaf Green, was an Elite from Peter Pan’s Toybox in Arcadia. She’s was a Spring (Mantle 5) Wizened Soldier. Her Gentry was Peter Pan, and her guide was Toto. As a member of the Elite, all of LEET GR 1’s memories were erased and she has no recollection of […]

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Zero is a Spring Darkling Mirrorskin, and was a member of the Freehold of the Shining Beacon. She was Monarch of the Freehold in the Spring 2020 season. Her Gentry was Jareth, and her Guide was Hoggle. She’s 42 years old, but appears in her early 20s. Zero was born June 27, 1972, and was […]

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