LEET GR 1, also known as Leaf Green, was an Elite from Peter Pan’s Toybox in Arcadia. She’s was a Spring (Mantle 5) Wizened Soldier.

Her Gentry was Peter Pan, and her guide was Toto.

As a member of the Elite, all of LEET GR 1’s memories were erased and she has no recollection of anything pre-Arcadia; her personality has been rewritten so many times there’s almost nothing left of whatever had been taken from the Mundane decades ago.

She served as General during the final Summer season of the Freehold of the Shining Beacon.

Leaf Green also won first place in the gladiatorial fights of the Ring of Blazing Glory in order to collect Peter Pan’s sword as part of the plan to kill the Gentry.

Leaf Green was best friends with Third, Ivan, and Tuwile.

Physical Description

Leaf Green is 6 foot 3 and 180lb. She often dresses like the Pokémon Trainer “Green” from Pokémon Leaf Green Version; when not dressed like that she prefers jeans or skirts and video game themed t-shirts and hoodies.


Leaf Green is a very open and bubbly person who’s fully embraced what it means to be Spring. She enjoys companionship and attempted to boost morale within the Freehold at every opportunity.

With that said, she was very hotheaded, protective, and emotional, especially when it came to her friends Tuwile and Third, to the point of attempting (and failing) to hurt Catch or Creep in the Ring of Blazing Glory.

Pre-Arcadian Existance

LEET GR 1’s personality and memories have been so rewritten and reformatted over the decades in Arcadia that no trace of his or her existence before Arcadia exists any further.

Arcadian Experience

Over the decades of their durance in Arcadia, LEET GR 1 had many Elite ranks and participated in hundreds of games as hundreds of characters.

During one game based on Ghostbusters: The Video Game as Rookie, LEET was fired upon by Peter Pan (playing as Venkman) with the proton pack, breaking the magical contracts that keep LEETs bound to the Toybox. This provided Rookie the chance to escape decades later as the Pokémon trainer Red.

As Barney Calhoun, LEET was promoted to the single digit ranks and participated in it’s first “single player” experience, beta testing Black Mesa for Peter Pan as a speed-runner.

As Red, the Pokémon trainer from Pallet Town, LEET served as “final boss” for Peter Pan, who would battle his Pokémon battles with changelings who had either displeased him or were captured in the interminable wars with Jareth. These battles were inevitably dangerous and often deadly, leaving Peter Pan’s “Pokémon” heavily injured or dead by the end. Red remained undefeated until he wandered out through the hedge, following a “dog type Pokémon” who turned out to be the guide, Toto.


As part of the complex Arcadian magic that enforced Peter Pan’s will on Elites as well as embedding the new and updated personalities, LEET GR 1 often had a series of “rules” that they must always follow; these rules were always in force in magical realms (such as Arcadia and the Hedge), but could sometimes manifest themselves in the Mundane as well.

Post-Arcadian Experience

As the Pokemon Trainer “Red,” LEET GR 1 found himself lost in the hedge until discovering Ivan.

During his escape from Arcadia, Red connected with the season of Winter, subconsciously aware of his loss of personality and memories.

At the time, Red was stuck with a series of rules related to the last game he was a member of, Pokémon Gold Version. These included a compulsion to walk along straight lines along the cardinal directions as well as the inability to sit down. While the rules seemed arbitrary, they were enforced by the contracts that kept LEET GR 1 alive.

Red had to learn the ropes of living homeless in Denver with the help of a fellow homeless young man named Gary. Red and Gary became friends and helped each other survive the challenges of their new life.

Red made his home in Fiddler’s Green in Centennial, CO.

He made spending money by “busking” on the 16th Street Mall playing chess for wagers. His experience with tactical and strategy games in Arcadia (and perhaps before, as he had no recollection of playing Chess in arcadia) allowed him to win every chess game he played.

Using his winnings and money he earned delivering newspapers, he eventually bought a bicycle and rented an apartment in which LEET GR 1 would live for their entire time in the Mundane.


When the season changed from Summer to Autumn, Red disappeared for multiple weeks.

During that time his personality was rewritten by the Wyrd into another character he had played in Arcadia, Rookie, a Ghostbuster.

In the process, all his memories were erased again; forgetting the Freehold, his friends, and even his existence as a Changeling. He arrived, confused and lost, at the front door of the Haven looking for a phone to contact Ghostbuster’s HQ (as “Venkman left me behind… again.”).

Confused as to why his equipment didn’t function (as they were just toys from Arcadia), Rookie eventually was convinced he was no longer in New York/Arcadia and was re-introduced to the members of the Freehold and his apartment in Denver.

During the big fight with the LEETs and Gentry by the Haven, Rookie hid in the Haven, afraid of having his freedom removed by Peter Pan utilizing the hold that Peter Pan’s contracts still had on his soul.

Barney Calhoun

As with the previous season change, when the seasons changed from Autumn to Winter, LEET GR 1 again changed characters.

This time, he emerged from the Hedge as Barney Calhoun, a security guard from Black Mesa. His personality went from scared and lost to a somewhat stern and serious person.

During this season, Barney got a job at Dorian’s pawn shop as a clerk and discovered his affinity with video games. “Borrowing” consoles and games from the store, Barney practiced his gaming skills.

It’s through his borrowing of Super Smash Bros: Melee that LEET GR 1 was able to rekindle his friendship with Ivan, which had been broken by the change from Red to Rookie. They played many games of Smash in Barney’s apartment.

Through his friendship with Ivan, Barney got himself involved in Third’s attempts to detox himself from his drug addictions. Disapproving of the drug addictions (as a self-professed “Law enforcement officer”), Barney put it upon himself to help Third clean up. As such, Ivan and Barney eventually “kidnapped” Third from his apartment and isolated him in their apartment, where they could keep an eye on him 24 hours a day to make sure he stayed clean.

During this time, Barney reconnected with Dorian and Baxy, two changelings who had also worked in the Toybox during their durances in Arcadia. Baxy was a “technician” who worked on the LEETs and was able to come up with a procedure to allow LEET GR 1 to not switch personalities and characters with the season. When the season changed to Spring, Barney was able to keep his personality intact.

When the Freehold was cornered into throwing a party for the Spring court, Barney took it upon himself to do the security arrangements for the party. However, his existence as a LEET concerned the Spring court security party, and he was arrested for the duration of the party.

Barney considered the “magic spell” Baxy had provided, which allowed him to keep his form. He wondered if he could “reverse” it in some way, allowing him control in a transformation. If it worked, he could select his next character, instead of just having the last random selection from the Wyrd assigned to him. He made preparations to do so, and as he did so Winter slowly started to lose it’s grip on him.

He ended up disappearing into the hedge one more time for a few weeks.

Leaf Green

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