The Host

The Host was an Autumn Fairest Minstrel and a member of the Freehold of the Shining Beacon.

He was known as Dr. Payne before he was taken October 31, 2011.

He was born September 4th, 1980.

The Host’s gentry was the Queen of Spades; his guide was the Mad Hatter.

The Host looks like a rather handsome carnival barker with a top hat, a cane (which hides secrets much like him), and a swallow-tail jacket. His hair is a very dark brown, he has blue eyes and a tattoo of a spade (like from a deck of cards) on his right cheek. And, as is typical for a carnival barker, he also has goat legs and hooves which he typically covers with a pair of black slacks.


The Host likes to sing, and that is about as nice as his personality gets. He typically acts obsessed with pain, both for himself and for others, and appears to get excited whenever pain comes up, either in conversation or in actuality.


The Host’s hollow resides in the chest cavity of some long-ago dead Hedge beast. He cannot tell if the creature was a burrowing one and was killed as it’s head came out of the ground, or if someone had killed the beast and then started to bury it. Regardless, this creature’s rib cage lies just underground, with the ribs of this creature holding the earth at bay, its massive skull sticking out of the ground as a macabre entryway into the Hollow. A mostly rusted and decayed spear sticks out of the eye-socket of this great beast.

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