Crew Needed – Raijonen

Crew Needed, or Raijonen, is our flagship LARP for DLC.

The country of Raijonen, formerly Alcasta, Khameras and Ilgond, was conquered and united under one name by the empire of Illeanteon. Ruled by its conqueror King Giannis Yorygos, chosen of the god Raija, wielder of the warhammer Gilthr, sign of the banner of the white bear, King Yorygos is now looking for crew to help explore these newly united lands.

You will be playing as crew members one of the many airships that are looking to adventure in these new lands. But first, who are you? Where do you come from? What are you hoping to do?

And what awaits you out there? Who knows.

Tone: Light-hearted, explore-oriented, adventure. Some turmoil, but mostly expansive.

Setting: Part fantasy, part steampunk, Hayao Miyazaki-esque

Medium: LARP


When: 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 6pm, unless otherwise stated (check Meetup)

Where: Gogas’s House, unless otherwise stated (check the Discord/Facebook Page)

Lead Storyteller: Seth W. and Amanda L.

Narration/Storytelling Staff: Seth w., Morgan B., Michelle S., Amanda L., and Zoey G.,


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