Zero is a Spring Darkling Mirrorskin, and was a member of the Freehold of the Shining Beacon. She was Monarch of the Freehold in the Spring 2020 season.

Her Gentry was Jareth, and her Guide was Hoggle.

She’s 42 years old, but appears in her early 20s.

Zero was born June 27, 1972, and was taken February 2, 1992.


Zero is petite, willowy and androgynous, usually full of spastic energy with an attention span to match. She has silver-white eyes offset by black wavy hair and obsidian skin with chisel marks in it, scars of her torture under the Doctor’s (Third) instruments. Her nose was carved away to almost nothing, leaving it flattened and snake-like, and her ears and teeth are pointed.

No matter what Zero wears, it turns black and flowing with tendrils of shadow shot through with rainbow streaks within a week.


Zero is just SO FREAKING HAPPY to be out. To be HERE! NOW! Oh my GOD!! Isn’t it amazing? Wow, look at all the new things that happened! It doesn’t matter that she’s filthy and starving. There’s no strung-out mom to answer to or teachers to run from. No asshole boyfriends touching her. No cruel master forcing her to deceive and torture other lost souls. For the first time in her life, her body is her OWN and she never realized it was beautiful. She can be anyone she wants. She gets to figure out for the first time what that is. Maybe a master thief?

Ok, horrible things still happen all the time. Everywhere. There’s no escape. But every single moment without pain or hardship is a treasure to be savored. It could end any second and there could be darkness and pain. But darkness and pain will end too.

Zero does not drink or use any kind of substances. She remembers enough of her past to know that it was poisoned by chemicals and she wants no part in any of it. Life gets her plenty high, especially music.

Zero has a phobia of birds, especially owls.

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