LEET Armband

Elite refers to Peter Pan’s toys and shock troops. They reside within Pan’s Toybox.

All Elite changelings were captured by Pan for their tactical and gaming skills in the Mundane. It’s said that the Toybox, and the Elite corps, were started around 1994 Mundane Time.

All Elites are named “Leet” (another clue to the start time of the Elite corps), and have no other identity. Their personalities and memories are installed before they participate in a game, as for all intents and purposes, the installed character IS that specific Leet.

Leet seem to be able to recognize each other, despite only ever referring to each other as Leet. This enforces the separation from the “Fodder” (all other Changlings in Arcadia) and the Elites.

Global Rank

In addition to the name “Leet,” all Elites have a global rank suffixed to their names. Global Rank is divided into five 20% buckets: S, A, B, C, F, and that letter is appended to their name, for example, Leet GR C. The top 20% of Elites have their actual numeric rank attached to their name. Leet GR 1, for example, is an S rank elite with the highest numerical score. Higher rankings lead to more autonomy and better roles in the game. S Rank Elites are used outside the Toybox for inter-Gentry games and wars. Rank has it’s privileges.

Low Global Rank Elites have allowed their skills to fade, and find themselves with lower quality roles, lower quality living conditions, and a higher likelihood to be placed on the front lines in combat.

As part of their “boon,” Elites are always, at least subconsciously, aware of their Global Rank. Should their deeds lead to a promotion in rank, they and their compatriots will become instantly aware of the change (and the change is instantly visible on their armbands if they change letter or numerical rank). The same goes for decrease in rank; the terror of falling into rank F encourages all Elites to regain their previous Global Rank with expediency.

In a way, Global Rank makes the Elite corps a pure meritocracy. The only measure of success in the Elite corps are your skills in playing the game. Even the lowest ranked Elite can find their way to the top through exertion, effort, and terror of being a casualty in the non-stop border skirmishes with the Goblin Kingdom.

The bottom 20% of Elites are Rank F, putting them one step above Fodder. Rank F Elites find themselves on the front-lines of border wars, fulfilling suicide roles in bloodsports, or shipped off to the Queen of Spades for “fixing.”

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