Game 9 Announcements

Hey everyone – we had some important announcements for Game 9.

  1. Because April is a five week month, we will have a Board Game Night April 30th.  Please RSVP if you are interested in coming.  Bring your favorite games, bring you vaxxed friends, and let’s have a night.
  2. The next Raijonen game, the first game of Season 2, Game 10, will be the third weekend of May, the 21st.  We need the extra time to prepare the next season so we will be skipping May 7th.  Apologies, apologies. With that said, we are cooking up an event for that weekend. Stay Tuned For More Details.
  3. We’re going to be making some edits to the game guide, again. Magic is going to be a little more flexible. We need to continue building out the XP Guide.
  4. We will be posting summaries of what happened in each game in the new channel. Soon.

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